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Trendy DIY Plumbing Decor

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Plumbing Decor?  I know, plumbing is not what you think of when shopping for home décor but your local store’s plumbing department has a lot to offer.  You can design and create your own unique art and functional items that will be the envy of everyone entering your home.  Here are just a few ideas:


Martha's Industrial-Chic Desk



Martha Stewart made use of her plumbing department & created this industrial-chic desk.  Click here.





Plumbing Pipes Dog Feeding Station


Make Snoopy or Princess happy with one of these right height dog feeding stations.  Check out




PVC Pipe Wreath




Create an unique and beautiful wreath to greet guests at Christmas.  Get instructions from




PVC Chair




Feeling Ambitious?  Try re-creating this artistic chair made from recycled PVC pipe.  View it on




Plumbing Pipe Shelving



Functional and trendy industrial-chic bathroom shelving.  See this and more here.




Simple PVC Wine Rack




Keep your wine close by with this unique wine rack easily made from PVC.  Go to




PVC Shoe Rack




Same idea as wine rack but for all those shoes (or toys or crafts or office supplies or towels or …!)  See more here.



There are so many great and inexpensive ways to create things like lighting, toys, storage, sculptures and more – just wander through the plumbing department and let your imagination go!



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