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Spring… FINALLY!

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After a long, stormy winter spring has arrived!

We all feel relieved that spring is finally here (I thought it would never come!) We’re looking forward to those long, hot, beautiful summer days and relaxing warm evenings.  But with spring comes the rain, and sometimes lots of it.  NOW is the time to service your septic or check your sump pump before the rains come, not after.

Spring also means the time we start our spring cleaning.  When you first turn your outside tap on this spring, be sure to run back inside to make sure your piping or valve hasn’t burst over the winter and is flooding your basement.  (We get a LOT of calls for this every spring.)

For more helpful tips on how to prevent plumbing problems in your home this spring, check out our “Top 7 Spring Plumbing Tips” under our Plumbing Tips section.

Happy Spring!


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