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The Good Ol’ Summertime!

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Yes, hot, hot HOT weather is here and we are loving it!  Unfortunately, so do our trees.  Summer is the time of rapid root growth for trees as they search for water and nutrients and can infiltrate your sewer or septic line.

Have you ever experienced a sewage back up in your home due to roots?  If so, you know just how how disgusting, expensive and time consuming it can be.  You may also have sadly experienced the loss of some irreplaceable personal items.

After sump pump failures, back-ups due to roots are our second most common plumbing emergency.  Mechanical root cutting removes the largest portion of roots but unfortunately it is only temporary.  Before you know it the roots have grown back and you’re calling the plumber again.

Many plumbing companies will tell homeowners they need to replace their piping if infiltrated by roots which would cost thousands of dollars.  Although in a few rare cases replacing the line is unavoidable, much of the time it is an unnecessary expense.

If roots keep growing back, what other options are there?

There is a professional product that can be applied to kill roots in your sewer or septic and that product is RootX.

Kill the roots.  Save the tree.

RootX is a proven, effective and inexpensive root control product being used by homeowners and municipalities since 1994. The patented formula foams upon contact with water, reaching the top of the pipe where 90% of the roots are.  It kills off remaining roots and dries on the inside of the pipe leaving a protective barrier to prevent further root intrusion for one full year.  RootX will not harm pipes, septic systems or above ground trees or plants.  It is also registered with the EPA so you know it is environmentally safe.

With annual applications of RootX, you can save money and prevent the re-growth of roots in your sewer or septic.

If interested, please read one of our articles from our local LIVING SPACES magazine or IN OUR SPACE magazine.  For more information on RootX, please CLICK HERE.

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As your trusted local plumber since 1984, we believe in providing valuable information to homeowners and helping them with all of their plumbing needs.

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