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Easy as 1 2 3 – Prepare Taps for Winter

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Throughout winter and spring we are ‘flooded’ with calls due to burst pipes, mostly coming from improperly winterized outside taps called hosebibs.

When it’s time to put away your summer clothes and pull out your sweaters and jackets, it’s time to get your home prepared for the change of season too.  One of the most important things you can do is to correctly turn off your outside hosebibs to lessen the risk of them freezing and bursting.

  1. Turn off the inside shut-off valve for your outside tap.

  2. Go outside to disconnect and drain your garden hose and put away until spring.  If left connected, the remaining water in the hose will freeze, expand and possibly burst the valve and/or piping causing flooding in your basement.

  3. Turn on the tap to drain all water and leave it open to prevent pressure build-up during winter.

NOTE:  If you have a drain bleeder on your inside valve (small lever or screw cap on the side of the valve), go back inside after performing the first 3 steps and open the drain bleeder to completely drain any remaining water into a container.  Close the drain bleeder for the winter.

And YES, these steps even apply to non-freeze hosebibs! 

For a free instructional valve tag for your outside taps, please email us and we’d be happy to mail it out to you!  

Listen to our MyFM radio ad reminding Orangeville to turn off their outside taps…

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