Bio-Clean® Septic Packs

bio clean septic packs

Bio-Clean Septic Maintenance Packets

Plumber-recommended Bio-Clean® now comes in convenient pre-measured packets for monthly home septic tank maintenance.  12 packets to a box gives you a one-year supply sufficient to maintain the health of your tank by reducing the buildup of solid waste inside of it.  To keep your septic functioning at peak efficiency, just open one packet each month and flush it down the toilet.

Bio-Clean® contains powerful natural bacteria and enzymes, demonstrated to be significantly more effective at degrading waste material than the major brands of biological cleaners commonly sold in stores.

People with a septic system have to be consciously aware of what goes into their system, especially when it comes to household chemicals.

Most septic systems today are not functioning well.  The tanks need pumping frequently because of solids build up.  More servicing is required and all too often there are unnecessary costly repairs.  Even the beds stop absorbing water prematurely due mainly to grease, fat and household chemical usage.

Septic repairs to tanks and beds are especially expensive and can cost up to $10,000.00!  Quite frequently homeowners turn to chemicals in a hope to avoid costly repairs.  In fact, every year people spend millions of dollars on products that can’t solve their septic and plumbing problems.

Bio-Clean is guaranteed to work because it removes the cause of the problems instead of just temporarily treating the symptoms.

Bio-Clean breaks down sludge and prevents back-ups.

Bio-Clean will clean the tank and the bed (leaching field).  This in turn will extend the life of the bed, piping and tank and avoid costly repairs.  We highly recommend Bio-Clean as part of a regular septic maintenance program.  Each month, simply open and pour one packet down the toilet and flush… it’s that easy.

Bio-Clean is cost effective too.  It works out to only $8.33 per monthly treatment for an average size septic!

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Treatment Amounts

Septic tanks from 500 to 1,000 gallons ………. 1 packet per month

Septic tanks larger than 1,000 gallons ……….. 2 packets per month


Before Bio-Clean

Septic before Bio-Clean

After BioClean

Septic after Bio-Clean


Avoid backups, foul odours, and the need for more frequent pumping service with regular treatment of Bio-Clean.

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Septic Maintenance Packets – 1 year supply for only $99.99 + HST 

Bio-Clean Magnet

Included with your first purchase is a FREE Refrigerator Magnet to remind you about your monthly Bio-Clean treatment!  Once a month “Clean Gene’s” eyes will light up and blink.  After treatment, push the reset button to start another 30 day cycle.

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