Get Powerful Draining Cleaning from Plumb Perfect

Plumb Perfect is proud to use one of the most powerful natural drain cleaners on the market. Bio-Clean® is both highly effective and environmentally safe.

How is Bio-Clean® Eco-friendly?

Bio-Clean® is a non-poisonous blend of natural bacteria and enzymes which do not produce heat, fumes or boiling as dangerous chemical cleaners do.  It will not corrode or bend pipes like chemical cleaners and does not attack live tissue or inorganic materials.  In other words, Bio-Clean® works as it should in a safe, effective manner and only attacks organic waste like grease, hair, food particles, paper, cotton and sewage.

Used on a regularly monthly basis, Bio-Clean will keep your drains clear and your plumber away!

Plumb Perfect invites you to learn more about this effective, green product.

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Need Bio-Clean for your septic?  Bio-Clean® now comes in convenient pre-measured packets for monthly home septic tank maintenance.  To keep your septic functioning at peak efficiency, just open one packet each month and flush it down the toilet.  Click here for more info.

Get amazing results

Bio-Clean® starts working within an hour of entering the drain.  It will begin to eliminate the waste that has accumulated on the sides and top of your drain pipe. The enzymes spread throughout your system and the bacteria multiply, cleaning it completely.  Compared to other natural liquid drain cleaners, Bio-Clean® is more concentrated, uniform, stable, effective and economical.

2lb jar with 100 standard applications only $59.99 + HST

Are you ready to quit using harsh chemicals and try Bio-Clean®?

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From shower drains and septics to outhouses, RV’s, composting and even keeping kitty litter smelling fresh, how could you live without Bio-Clean?

Learn how Bio-Clean can even eliminate drain flies!