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World’s Most Interesting Restrooms

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The weather is still quite beautiful out this fall so why not just relax and enjoy it?  Here are a few interesting restrooms to ponder as you sit back and enjoy the sunshine (while it lasts!)

World's Largest Restroom

World’s Largest Restroom– Located in Chongqing, China.  It has 1,000 toilets, 32,290 square feet and is 4 stories high.  It also features calm music, TVs and interestingly shaped urinals (as shown on right).

Vertabrae Bathroom

Vertebrae Vertical Bathroom – Like a Swiss Army knife, it occupies only 4.3 square feet and packs a toilet, sink, 2 storage units, a cistern and 2 showerheads into one very compact system.  Everything feeds through the top which is attached to the ceiling with the waste pipes either going down through the floor or out the back of the toilet.

Pure Gold Bathroom

Pure Gold Toilet – The entire bathroom in the Swisshorn Gold Palace required 380 kg of pure gold and 6,200 gemstones at a cost of $38 million in 2001.  In 2008 it was all melted down except for the world’s most expensive gold toilet.

Arctic Outhouse

Arctic Outhouse – Located at McMurdo Station, Central West, Antarctica.  In an attempt to make no environmental impact, waste must be collected carefully.  People use bottles to collect their urine which is then collected in a large drum.  Outhouses are for solid waste only and contain a 5 gallon plastic bucket lined with a           plastic bag.  Once the bucket is full, it’s removed, sealed and shipped off.

Liquid Crystal Bathroom

Liquid Crystal Stall Doors – Bar 89 in New York City uses liquid crystals between 2 normal panes of glass in their bathroom doors that turn opaque when someone enters the stall.

Mirror Bathroom

See-Through Restroom Located in Basal, Switzerland, this one-way glass stall looks like a mirror on the outside but is completely transparent on the inside.  For the outside to look like a mirror, it must be very bright so the mirror’s surface has plenty to reflect.  If light is used on the inside, the walls become windows and your business becomes everyone’s business.

Aquarium Bathroom

Aquarium Bathroom– Inside the Mumin Papa Café in Akashi, Japan is a 3-wall, live aquarium stall.  This underwater restroom is for ladies only and cost $270,000 to build.

Floating Bathroom

Floating Restroom– Protecting the water from human waste contamination, the caretakers of Lake Powell, located in Utah/Arizona, installed a $100,000 floating restroom so lake-goers didn’t go in the lake or have to trek back to shore.


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