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The Summer of 2017

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The summer of 2017 won’t soon be forgotten by many of us.  During our cold, wet spring we patiently waited for summer to arrive.  We anticipated enjoying long, hot summer day activities.

But Mother Nature had something else in mind.  Rain.  And lots of it.  In one night alone on June 23, 110mm of rain fell flooding streets and homes in Orangeville, Grand Valley, Mono and surrounding areas.  It closed streets and buildings and caused damage not only to public areas but to people’s homes and businesses as well.

Orangeville Flood – June 23, 2017

And the rain kept coming.  (Did we even have 2 full days of sunshine in a row?)  And as if the grey skies and almost daily rain weren’t enough to put a ‘damper’ on our spirits, on August 1st, 80mm of rain fell in the same areas in just under 90 minutes causing even worse flooding.

As a plumbing company, we were kept busy day and night with calls from clients devastated by the damage left due to excessive rainfall.  Many had sump pumps that couldn’t keep up with the sheer volume of water or they didn’t work at all, while others had septic systems backing up because the ground was saturated.  It certainly has been quite a wet summer so far.

For anyone who experienced sump pump or septic problems we can help with advice and recommendations.  Here is a link from a past blog that may be of some help: .

Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have on how to better prepare yourself for whatever Mother Nature has in store for us next.

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