John Wood Electric Hot Water Heater

John Wood Electric Heater

Designed exclusively for plumbing professionals, the John Wood® line of residential electric water heaters provides optimum reliability, performance and energy efficiency. With unique features and a broad range of models and sizes, there is a John Wood® product to suit any application and budget.


Energy Savings

  • Meets and exceeds NRCan energy efficiency standards
  • Wide variety of models available to meet energy efficiency compliance standards nationwide
  • Patented Styropour® base for added energy efficiency

Designed for Performance

  • Exclusive TankSaver® design to prolong tank life
  • Glass lined tank provides superior protection against corrosion
  • Factory-installed plastic-lined nipples
  • Thermostatically controlled, long life elements
  • Brass drain valve


  • Conveniently located T&P and drain valves for ease of installation and maintenance