BioOne Liquid

BioOneSo Powerful, it’s Patented!

When homeowners encounter a clogged drain, they generally buy a chemical drain cleaner they presume will make the clog disappear.

Unfortunately that is not the case.

A chemical drain cleaner is an acid that attempts to burn through a clog.  If successful, it appears to restore flow.  If unsuccessful, it sits in the drain releasing harmful fumes into the air and can warp and corrode a home’s piping.  Even if it “cleared” the drain, it is only temporary as the acid simply burned a hole through the centre of the clog, leaving the remaining waste to quickly build up again.  More than that, they are harmful to our health, drinking water and environment.

So why use dangerous and caustic chemicals when there are safer options on the market that are actually effective?

Plumbers know that clogged drains due to a buildup of fats, oils and grease (FOG) is their number one reason for a drain call.  Using a natural drain product like BioOne can eliminate the need of calling a plumber to clear your drains.*

What is BioOne Liquid?

BioOne Liquid is a patented NATURAL biological drain, septic and grease trap maintainer.  The bacteria in BioOne degrade or “eat” the FOG and organic waste inside the entire pipe.  Used regularly, it keeps systems free-flowing.

BioOne Image

BioOne displays the EPA’s “Safer Choice Program” logo. Only products that are made of the safest ingredients are approved.

 Why BioOne?

  • BioOne does not contain any harmful chemicals or emulsifiers
  • BioOne is far superior to other “Bio” or natural products
  • It is made of naturally occurring bacteria and enzymes to breakdown waste
  • It degrades fats, oils, grease and organic waste in drains and eliminates odorous residue
  • BioOne is safe for use in septic systems, drainfields, grease traps, garbage disposals, holding tanks and all drains – such as sinks, toilets, showers and floors – safe for people, pets, pipes and environment
  • BioOne is manufactured to food standards even though it’s not a food product
  • BioOne is environmentally safe, effective and economical – only $1.87 per application

BioOne is a great replacement for harmful products made with caustic chemicals.  Used as part of a monthly maintenance program, it will help keep drains free flowing.

BioOne Liquid is ready to use – no pre-mixing required!  Each container has 32 standard applications.

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NOTE:  *BioOne will not clear a completely clogged system, repair broken pipes, mechanical defects or degrade inorganic materials.  Must be used regularly to effectively maintain free flowing drains.