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As of May 19th, many companies have been allowed to open their doors again with more to follow at a later date.  As people head back to work, there is an air of anticipation but also of some fear.  No one knows just how this “new normal” will affect their day to day lives and how many adjustments will have to be made.

With so much uncertainty, we at Plumb Perfect wish to ensure all customers that we will continue to monitor this unforeseen situation that is present with COVID-19 and we will maintain uninterrupted service and support to our customers as we navigate through this pandemic.

In March, we implemented additional sanitization and cleaning protocols in our office, warehouse, fleet vehicles and work locations. We have equipped field staff with necessary equipment to ensure safe working procedures in the homes and businesses of our customers. We have increased options for remote work where possible.

No employees showing symptoms of COVID-19 will be working while showing symptoms, and will not return until medically cleared. Prior to each home visit, your technician will call to confirm the  appointment. At that time, if a customer wishes, the technician will describe the increased measures we take.  He will also wish to confirm that nobody at the location is experiencing symptoms of COVID-19, or has experienced symptoms within the past 48 hours.

We ask all customers to respect the health and safety of our team and community. Should you be experiencing any symptoms, please contact our office right away to reschedule.

Should you have any questions regarding our COVID-19 practices, please contact Plumb Perfect at 1-888-458-1979 or email us at [email protected].

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who is doing their part during this pandemic, whether it’s by staying at home or providing an essential service — it all makes a big difference.  Again, thank you and please take care.

Paul Lamoureux, President of Plumb Perfect Ltd.





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